To download click on the image of the set or the object chooses. Good game!

Amuztuz bathroom, click image to download

Amuztuz bathroom modern.
wood, and modern lines.
comfort and style.
Happy simming!


Selty Bathroom click image to download

Selty bathroom .sims 4.
bathtub. bathroom sink. Wall deco. Console deco. Small table deco with ball vase metal.
Vase deco metal  long. big paintings. Metal lamp.
Relaxation and modernity.
Happy simming!


Ibarium bathroom click image to download

Bathroom, Ibarium.
Modern, in 4 colors. Shower. 2 washbasins.1 toilet, with deco.1 shower. 2 x set, Objects Various decorations. 2 furniture, decorative.
Creates your modern space, for a moment of relaxation in an atmosphere, modern, comfortable, and comforting.
Happy simming!


New emastis Bathroom click image to download

Today. EMASTIS bathroom.
Modern, design, clean lines, in 4 colors. Black. beige. brown or white.
bidet.toilettes. Bathroom sink. corner bath. Central shower. various deco cabinet.
In the category, Misc surface. New plant. New mirror
I used the objects of my bathroom remodana.
To decorate my bathroom.
I test my set in the game. Of course.
Have fun with this new, modern bathroom.
Happy simming!


NEW VALENTINE bathroom click image to download

Pour la saint valentin, cette année.
Je vous propose un coeur.
Une nouvelle salle de bain, Valentine. Original par sa forme, en coeur.
retrouvez cette baignoire en 4 couleurs. Egalement dans ce set, le lavabo coeur. Les coeur multi, suspendus. les coeur unique suspendus. Love serviette de bain. Egalement, une structure meuble, pour ranger serviettes, et autre produits de bains. Qui donne, un coté moderne, à votre salle de bain.
Moderne et romantique.
Happy simming!


New bathroom AMADIOS click image to download

What's best in this period, as a good hot bath in the petal of roses.
Here is the bathroom amadios. A corner modern warm and comfortable.
with the bath take a mud bath, the petal pink or depending on your choice.
modern sink, table Gary Crozier, for are original style. Bathroom objects, various. 2 Fontaines.petite table. plant.
Creates your relaxation corner.
Happy simming!


New salle de bain ETSU clique image pour télécharger

Etsu = Plaisir pour cette salle de bain inspiration japonaise.
grande baignoire ronde , pour bain boue ou classic , petales de roses etc....
L'animation de la baingoire et faussé puisqu 'elle est ronde,
mais le sims l'utilise tout de meme normalement
bamboo déco. tableaux geants . lustre. bougies. separateur. assise de plafond à cordes.
Un coin zen pour vos sims Bon jeu!


New Remodana room bath + clutters click image to download

Here's to your sims 4 the new bathroom Remodana + the clutters.
Black or white choose your style.
A modern atmosphere and soft lines.
1 bath in rounded lines. 1 lavabo.1 console. 1console 2 petite. 1 toilet. 1 shower. 1 luster metal.1 muff
+ various bath products.
In total 15 new objects...
For your interiors a new modern corner.
Good game!


New bathroom Iradium click image to download

Hello to all. Here is my new bathroom Iradium
A modern corner and luxieu for your sims. I used code bb.moveobjects for certain placement,
and certain screen but this is not necessary. Find in this set 1 bath large, white or grey dark very.1 metal.1 sink shower.
1 block ceiling white. lights for the ceiling. 1 light for the Hydro. 1 metal separator.
1 console black and white or white and black. 1 part 2 bath either black and white or white and black can you have paste facilities featuring bathtub, even without code.
3 metal flower vase.
created your bathroom to the pure and modern lines.
For my screens I use the walls of my friend guardgian here is the link of the site: Guardgian & Khanysims
Good game to all and do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Bathroom metal Passion

Simple. Modern and elegant. Sleek line. Find out in this together 1 bath. Towel wall deco. 1 sink.  Towels deco for the lavatory. 1 round shower everything metal. 1 wall mirror high very. The shower and skylight only. The washbasin and 1 dark grey. And 1 white. The bath in the same shades. towels also.
Good game!