To download click on the image of the set or the object chooses. Good game!

Alimo kids room, click image to download

Alimo children's room in 4 shades.
9 new objects to create a new space for your little one.
always very sweet.
Happy simming!


hello kitty kids bedroom click image to download

HELLO Kitty kids bedroom.
12 new objects hello kitty theme.
set created in 4 colors.
Happy simming!


Doucinette bedroom click image to download

Doucinette kids bedroom
15 new items for your little one.
all objects have been used with EP cats and dogs
Create, for your little sims. a soft and playful space.
Happy simming!


Once Upon A time bedroom kids click image to download

Once Upon a time. Children's room. Sims 4.
18 new items.
Bed. 2 dressers. 2 vanity mirror. End table. lamp. 6 stickers. Carpet. Deco various rose.
Deco trunk. Mirror for the wall. Audio, disney princess.
A Corner, Fairy, for your little one.
Happy simming!


Dolly Toddlers bedroom click image to download

Dolly Toddlers. Sims 4.
Bed with decorative ruffles. Decorative cushions. Part 2 bed, doll house. High chair. A large trunk, categorie, deco various. A smaller trunk, in the clutters category. Carpets. paintings. Decorative boxes. A sticker for the wall. 1 right door, for the doll house. 1 left door, also.
A very soft corner, for your little toddler.
Happy simming!


little one deco for toddlers click image to download

To go with your set, little one.

Here are some decorative items, in order to perfect the style of your toddler bedroom.
Wipes deco. Powdered milk powder, 3 different styles.
Diapers for babies. Decorative bottles, 2 styles. A bottle with milk, a bottle without milk. Baby cream. Bottle warmer.
The set is in 4 pastel colors.
Necessary, to finish, to decorate, the bedroom, your toddler.
Happy simming!
  Children's bedroom area.


New Little One Toddlers bedroom click image to download

Here is little one, toddlers bedroom. Sims 4.
A colorful corner. Full of animal friends.
So that the awakening of your toddler can be created, in a suitable atmosphere.
bed. Part 2 bed. Paintings. Sticker. End table. Dresser. high chair. Baby pot.
colored. Cheerful, for your toddler.
Happy simming!
Area, children's bedroom.


New Olvelia  Toddlers bedroom click image to download

This is Olvelia. Bedroom, for Toddlers.
Bed, Toddlers. Bed curtains, deco. Teddy bear, heart. Decorative cushions for the bed. Highchair for Toddlers. Pot, toilet, for Toddlers. Decoration, for the wall. Sticker, for the wall. Snowball, deco. Carpets. Paintings. Small decorative house.
13 new items, for your little one.
Indispensable, for a room child, everything, smooth. Light and light colors.
I used my set in games sims 4.
Happy simming!
Children's Room Zone.


New Sidonie kids bedroom click image to download

For this weekend. A new children's room.
little house in the countryside. Small hut. ladder.
Toys misc. deco tree. cushion. bed. books. carpet. palisade.stairs deco
  Of course,
all smoothly. with very soft colors for your little love.
Babies are a bit heavy. compared to the game, but without excess.and medium details, is very balance
Happy simming!


New Goundra kids bedroom click image to download

Here Goundra, SIMS 4, but this time children's bedroom.
softness, for this new children's room.
blanket, bed, pillows, toys 2. painting. draw. bed table carpet. stickers.
I wanted to keep the soft appearance of the adult room.
creates the smooth corner of your little one.
Happy simming!


New bedroom Nichita click image to download

Here is the new bedroom child Nichita.
a new cozy corner for your little sims. Blanket. Bed. Cushions. Painting 1. Painting 2. Table of activity. with its cube stool. A trunk, to sit, a trunk, as smaller table in the category, end table. A large closet to change clothes. A table lamp, planet earth. bed table
Joyful colors or softer colors, as desired, to create the corner, perfect.
Happy simming!


NEW MISTIOUS KIDS kids bedroom click image to download

Yes I still know the sweetness, but what do you .It all me.
Here Mistious kid bedroom.
Soft colors, a relaxing atmosphere, a game epsace for your little one.
Bed, chest deco. deco headboard with books. Carpet. Cage Deco butterflies. Curtains. wallpapers matches. Stickers for the wall, two styles. Puff. Sofa with cushions deco. decorative ladder. Deco round boxes with slots for placement.
A real sweetness to this weekend. 4 shades. soft mauve. light blue powder. sweet hot pink. Solar orange.
I have of course used my set, in game sims 4 last updated.
All items have been verified, and works perfectly.
Happy simming!


New PANDA House child click image to download

Petit coin mignon pour votre enfant sims 4.
Voici, Panda kids. Une chambre enfant sur le thème Panda.
Dans ce set, 14 new objets.
lit, 4 teintes. table de lit. Dresser n1. Dresser n2. Lampe de table . bambou plante . bambou sticker. Jouers panda divers.
Rideaux. Tableaux. Balancoire assise.
Happy simming!


NEW child's bedroom LEMINI click image to download

Here is the new room for children Lemini.
A soft corner for baby sims, that will be for him, his refuge.
Color, wood wood and pink and blue. And also, blue and white, and white and pink.
1 bed for child. 1, dresser. 1, night table. 1, toybox. 1, double curtains. 1, table lamp. 1 x 6 paintings, to the wall. 1, mats. 1, loveseat. 1, sticker, for the wall.
Give your little, its space, games.
Happy simming!


New lemon kids child room click image to download

Hello friends here for your sims 4. A new child room. With the beautiful days?
I chose the theme lemon yellow and lime green.
Dan set 1 bed lemon yellow or lime green. 2 develop different. lemon yellow or lime green. 1 puff. lemon yellow or lime green. 1 Teddy lemon yellow or lime.
1 round rug. lemon yellow or lime green. 1 second round rug. that recall the texture of bed cover. 1 mini frame lemon yellow and lime green.
2 stickers.1 lemon yellow, 1 lime. 1 deco ceiling, lemon yellow or lime green.
1 plant deco. lemon yellow or lemon vert.1 activity table either wood or either dark white metal feet.
1 wall deco furniture artist drawing, either dark white or either wood
A set of 14 new objects for your rooms, children. original but simple lines in order to keep one side modern.
Good game to all and do not hesitate to leave a little message

New Rosie room child click image to download

Here's to your little Sims, my first child's bedroom, for Sims 4, on Jomsimscreations.
Find out in this room.  1 bed in 3 colors. 1 Cabinet in 4 colors. 1 part 2, the Cabinet color wood, and metal. Decorative shoes, for the Cabinet. In the Cabinet, he dresses for decorated there. Various boxes decorative, I add a slot on the top so you can put the decor. 1 curtain for bed in 3 colors. Located in deco various. 1 part 2, deco curtain, metal decorated. 1 pouf flower pouf, in 3 colors. 1 deco metal clutter and boxes. 2 stickers for walls.
Good game to all! And feel not a leave a little message.