To download click on the image of the set or the object chooses. Good game!

Adlasinette fairy wings area hat . click image to download

Adlasinette fairy wings area hat . Sims 4. For her. 
in 7 shades
Fairy wings, semi transparent.
Happy simming!


ZELOX costume click image to download

ZELOX costume  sims 4 for her.
This time angel costume. angel in 8 shades, and wings matches.
Halo, of course, since it's an angel.
happy halloween.
Happy simming!


Phedemonia costume click image to download

Phedemonia costume  sims 4 for her.
Devil costume, with forked tail. Ruby eyes. Horns, and hooves.
Sexy and scary, happy halloween.
Happy simming!


ARZUZ centaur costume click image to download

In 3 shades for the horse body.
gold ornament, with precious stones, red ruby.
Happy simming!


Genie lamp full costume. FOR HIM, click image to download

this time I think a little about our Sims, men.
How about being a genie of the lamp, in the game,
Of course you will not be able to realize all the wishes.
but you'll still look like a genie.
in 4 shades. blue, green, red or purple, with the gold lamp.
have fun playing the genie
Happy simming!


asburma costume. click image to download

asburma costume Sims 4. 4 shade.
alien divinity.the shoes will be covered.
Happy simming!


Dulcina fairy costume click image to download

Dulcina fairy costume Sims 4. for her.
all body and wings.
I used the fairy mod  here is the link:Fairy Mod
Happy simming!


Kylie set click image to downlod

Kylie set:
-stand to pose in 1. Then place the PLV Image
-then shelf of gloss,
-then the glosses to be placed last.
+ assorted kylie cosmetics. To complete your Kylie set.
Ideal for, creates his shop KJ.
Happy simming!


Cravena alien angel costume Sims 4. for image to download

in the costume category. Do not forget to remove hair and shoes.
Costume in 1 piece, and 1 beautiful shade, degraded.wings integrated
Happy simming


Litia set click image to download

Litia set in 4 shades.
small make up box for stand. stand table with heart mirror. high chair.
big make up box for floor. sticker coco chanel.
Happy simming!


Wedding cake set 2 click image to download

Wedding cake set. 24 Different wedding cake.
with ribbon, flowers, chic and gourmet decoration.
very big cake. Ideal for the wedding of your sims,.
Happy simming!


Zelifia halloween costume click image to download

Zelifia halloween costume for her.
bones, blood, but of course with, humor.
For this woman costume. Created for halloween, party, human skin,
parts bone and blood.
a scary costume.
Happy simming!


Chucky set click image to download

Chucky doll costume set . For toddlers.
complete suit, in 4 packages.
hair. shoes. outfit. make up costume.
install tray if you want the specially created Chucky, But beware, it will be,
surely, unbelievable.
Happy simming 


Rounded swimming pool house click image to download

House with rounded lines. With this time, a rounded swimming pool.
Rounded sofa, to go with the new rounded giant windows.
  lounge sofa.
2 styles, rounded, for pool
I wanted to give you a false round pool spirit to decorate your home.
Or else used this one.
By installing the tray files, and packages.
Happy simming!


Girly Corner 4 Click image to download

Girly Corner 4. Sims 4.In 4 shades.
15 new objects for your sims.
Handbag deco various and multiple. make up, shoes decos.
and all the necessary, for you creates your corner fashion and beauty.
Happy simming!


SELKA house click image to download

house with rounded lines.
and of course your sims can lunch on the rounded decks.
original  and fun!
you can also create your own home,
the windows are of course 2 individual packages. the windows are created in 2 copies,
small and large,
happy simming!


Candy park click image to download

Candy park Sims 4.
park deco on the theme of candy and cake.
ladder, for children, activity object for children, designed with cakes and sweets.
fountain donuts. bench macaroon. glass horn with ball deco, to build the building.
donust giants deco. Lollies decos geantes.
A new gourmet park for your sims.
Happy simming!


make up box to be filled 

make up box to be filled set
A storage box designed for the make-up.
In 10 shades. For the box.
Mascara. lipstick. Lipstick 2. Set of make-up brushes.
The clutters are in 5 colors, for, the, lipsticks, 1.
And 4 shades for the rest of the accessories.
Used in a shop, or in a bedroom, on a dresser of beauty.
Happy simming!


Kawaii cakes et bento. click image to download

Here, Kawaii cakes and bento.
Biscuits. Cupcakes. And bento. Under the sign Kawaii.
cute. Adorable.
For this decorative set. with
11 different bento.
15 cupcakes.
15 cookies.
A decoration all gently, and very greedy.
Happy simming!


Milka Collection click image to download

Milka collection, Sims 4.
Objects of decoration, on the theme of chocolate, with the range, Milka.
Find different Milka chocolate bars, 10 different. 1 Box of candies .2 direction Milka. Pack of biscuits.
Tablet Milka cookies, 10 different. Pop corn choco Milka.
A gourmet set, as I love them.
Happy simming. 


gourmet gift deco set click image to download

Small set, various decoration. Sims 4.
Gourmet gift.
Box of chocolates, 8 styles, and 2 styles of positions, lying, or standing.
Basket in 4 colors, with lace, and knots.
Decoration various gourmet miscellaneous, to put in basket.
I used BB.MOVEOBJECTS ON, for placed.
And also alt for boxes of chocolates
Happy simming!
Area, miscellaneous


New Cinderella park sims 4 click image to download

as promised,
Here, Cinderella, park sims 4.
All instructions, installation in the package.
Or install it from the sims 4 gallery. Looking for "Jomsims".
So that your sims feel, of calm mood, here is the park Cinderella.
Coach. Decorative castles. Horses deco. Pink tree. Lights, for the castle.
Decorative balloon deco. Activity, for children, suspended balloons.
A very working garden a new place for our little sims.
Happy simming! Area, miscellaneous.


New VERSAILLES la vaisselles françaises click image to download

Versailles, the French dishes.
In 4 shades, light blue.
Gold, and ornament.
Decoration which will give a style, authentic, according to a work, on the French revolution.
At the Bastille.
Authentic French style.
Happy simming! area misc


New Gingerbread  house click image to download

What about a gourmet decor.
This time, creates, to live there. Gingerbread land lot.
A small house for a family with 2 children.
And of course, in a set of gourmet decorations, to create, the perfect decor.
You will be warned, to live in an atmosphere, of gluttony,
Gives hungry.I used .moveobjects. And enlarges certain objects.
Do not forget to install the folder, TRAY. And packages in the Mods folder.
Happy simming! and merry christmas


New Casino deco set click image to download

For your evening games. Sims 4. CASINO
  What better than an ambiance, and a decoration, Casino.
1 slot machine. 1 table roulette. 1 wheel of fortune. And, tokens 6 different styles.
Of course, it's just decoration,
But it's so cool, these nights games, in a casino.
Happy simming!


New Falsting Laundry click image to download

Here Falsting laundry. Sims 4.
Warm for your interior, with modern and original objects.
Press. Cabinet deco. 2 washing machines. 1 open door. 1 door close.
Towels deco. Basket deco. small size. And basket deco, large size.
1 dining table, find there in, dining table. 1 sinks on table.
A modern corner, warm and necessary for your interiors, Sims.
Happy simming!


New Living in building click image to download

Here, living in building sims 4.
So I created a semi, decorative building.What, I asked, on a building, the sims game, or, I have created,apartments.
For a building effects.
 2 decorative bulding differents styles. And, an entrance,
greater, for this building. 4 packages to install,
in the file,
MODS, the game. And, the elements, Tray,
in the Tray folder.
Building for a family of 8 people.
Since 2 apartments per floor. 1 with a child's room.
when the sims through the door the animation is warped, had, at the height of the steps of the entrance.
But the fact of living in a building, is enough fun.
side garden, a very large pool, so your sims can, to relax.
Living in a building sims 4. Funny, And do not forget if you close the main door of the apartment, nobody goes except you!
  and fun!
Happy simming!


New Flowers click image to download

Here flowers sims 4.
5 styles 30 different colors and styles. With flowering pot or pot metal.
Interior decorating your garden or your home. with these new colors and styles.
Give a romantic style to your homes.
Happy simming!


New Cooking Stand Park click image to download

For this weekend. Fun, relaxation, picnic.
Here, Cooking stand. A new park for your sims.
with new activities for children. Items. And a new place of relaxation.
Break the crust with the new barbecue. Toss a coin,
  in the new fountain fun with the cabin (chicken coop), or just sitting on a bench in the booth cooking collection. To enjoy a moment of relaxation, close to the bridge.
Happy simming!
Installation instructions in the ZIP file


New Alca Set + Loft click image to download

For this weekend. Loft + set
a modern loft, with clean and simple lines. find, also to decorate your loft,
  1 bed, sitting area, dining area, and also a dressing area.18 new objetcs  + the Loft
Outside, a decorative car will finish the decoration.
In the zip file, the file tray and packages with instructions.
Happy simming!


New Softness chocolat click image to download

Today Softness Chocolate.
pies, cakes, boxes of chocolates for your sims.
Delicacies insured. chocolate pies, pies multiple chocolates.
Chocolate pies with fruit, golden chocolate box, square. Square silver box of chocolates. box of round chocolates with gold bow, box of chocolates, round with silver bow.
14 new gourmet flavors. I used my set in game sims 4 , of course.
Happy simming


New Kinder collection Click image to download

Today, for your sims 4.
Kinder Collection.
Decorate your interiors with these delicacies. Range, kinder.
14 products Kinder.
Happy simming


New My jewelry box for sims 4 click image to download

Here's my jewelry box for 4 sims.
12 items. 1 box in 2 shades. necklaces. earrings. rings, watches and all necessary, for your sims.
add this set to your girly corner, or give a stylized hand, in your bedroom, and beauty corner.
I have used my set in game sims 4, as the screens.
Happy simming!


NEW GIRLY CORNER 3 click image to download

For this weekend. Here Girly corner 3.
Beauty space for your sims. Makeup, accessories deco and more.
In this set 11 new objects.
Add appointments to your group, the models, for example. in this environemment, which lends to the beauty, fashion, and everything related to the well being of your sims. Of course, I used my set in game sims 4 original. Last update.
Happy simming!


New Modern laundry click image to download

Weekend, cleaning, with modern Laundry.
To enhance your interior. 1 washing machine, mild light, and the same with light more intense.
A dryer door. A modern washbasin with products. 1 cabinet mirror. A modern white staircase. You can,
place the decorative markets. Miscellaneous products. basket towels. Only towels. Laundry basket, to put
I hope you'll like my modern version of the laundry room.
Happy simming! and good weekend!


NEW my Food clutter click image to download

Voici cette fois, un petit peu de décoration pour vos cuisines , placards , ou tout simplement, pour les gourmands.
6 boites de céréales , différentes. 6 paquets de chips maxi différents. 6 pot de glaces différents. 6 pots de marmelade différents. 12 paquets de bonbon différents.
Au total 6 packages, pour 36 produits déco gourmande differents.
Happy simming!


New Louis Vuitton Collection click image to download

Here is a small collection of Louis vuitton.
Bags for travel, of various sizes. Handbags, of various sizes. Bags of different sizes.
Large trunk. small trunk. trespetite malle.
In total 8 styles. The set is in 2 colors, logo, louis vuitton.
Give a luxurious style to your interiors.
Happy simming!


New sac à main decoratif set clique image pour télécharger

Here's handbag deco set
8 decorative .differentes colors, with logo chanel handbag
texture molton and gold or silver pattern lvmh
for decorating your House, room etc...
bag very work. 1200 P works in decor, and is in the category clutter.
Happy simming!


New tea time set clique image pour télécharger

Petite Pause thé, avec Tea Time set.
preparez vous un apres midi thé avec votre groupe.
dans ce set: théière. Tasse avec sous- tasse. Plat à gateau decoré,avec gateau. Assiettes empilables. Assiette de gourmandises. Et enfin grand plateau avec slots. Utiliser, BB.Moveobjects , pour placer les tasses. Le services à thé, est en 8 couleurs, très travailler.
Happy simming!


New cupcakes folies click image to download

Here for fans of cupcakes.
Cupcakes Follies
A set of cupcakes to decorate your shop, bakery, kitchen or dining table. 30 cupcakes
10 pink pots
10 blue pots
10 pots choco
+ 10 cupcakes giant pink pots. + 10 cupcakes giant blue pots. + 10 cupcakes giant choco. Plateau at cupcakes, used the bb.moveobjects code.
paintings cupcakes.
A cute decoration for your sims 4.
Happy simming!


NEW GIRLY CORNER 2 Clique image pour télécharger

Here's girly corner 2
This deco make up time texture more real and less cartoons.
blush. gloss. mascara. lipsticks. sticker girly. tables grily. large box make empty up. painted deco nail
in the large box make up empty, 35 slots of placement for make-up. Used, bb.moveobjects it. To place the make up as on the pictures.
A box in 4 different colors and dorrure
resolutely very girly.
Good game!


New girly corner set clique image pour télécharger

voici quelque objets de déco pour vos sims 4 à installer dans une chambre fille
Retrouvez dans ce set en déco ombres à paupieres. differents gloss déco. miroir vanity. rouge à levres.
un petit set de 10 objets clutters
Bon jeu!


Julien micro deco clique image pour télécharger

Here's the MIC julien deco floor or table. use it to decorate your studio
or your House of SECRETS. in black or white
find it in the category clutter.
Good game!


NEW Pizza Party click image to download the set

Here this time for your sims 4.Pizza Party
I had already created for the sims 3 the pizzeria. I wanted to retser in the theme, but with a different, since set for sims 4.
in this set 10 new objects base more the recolors.
-Pizza Deco for pizza maker 6 style - pizza on plate 6 style deco - plate with handle and cutting pizza pizza
-windsurfing patisser with a scoop of paw-roll pastry-ham-deco deco-maker deco pizza pepperoni
-Oils cheese pizza-
A fun set! for your kitchen. your holiday evenings. or even your pizzeria why not!
I have of course test my sims game set 4.
Good game to all! and feel free to leave your messages!


New Jomsims mirror set click on the picture to download

Here for your sims, 7 new mirror for wall
I was inspired mirror found on the web by changing some elements
metal or money to give your interior a modern look.
Good game to all and do not hesitate to leave your messages

New Sims 4 set MAKE UP FOR EVER. Deco make-up, Tshirt, various objects. Click image to download

Here for your 4 Sims, a MAKE UP FOR EVER set. This range of make-up, has no secret, for pros, makeup.
You can use this set to the photographer career and thus creates your beauty corner in your photo studio. This set can also be installed in a beauty or hairdressing salon...
Or simply in a makeup shop. There are also.1 mascara.1 lipgloss.1 palette of blush liner on the palette and also 2 T-shirts MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO. 1 Black logo and 1 white logo MAKE UP FOR EVER.
For woman.
In this set so: Deco booth make up palettes eyeshadows + gloss + mascara + Eyliner all have a stand pro MAKE UP FOR EVER. 1 mirror of soil with makeup + round makeup table and accessories makeup deco. Be found in the mirror for the soil category. The mirror is used as a normal mirror.
1 High Chair of makeup pro, is located in the category bar stool. 1 case of makeup pro. Black mascara MAKE UP FOR EVER by 3 to sell in a shop. The MAKE UP FOR EVER gloss by 3, for the vendres in a shops also if you wish.
There is also a palette of blush pro, with a tidy liner have top, to fill only sell this palette. And in order to have your mascara, lipgloss, and pallets. 1 surface MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO, is in the category misc surface.
1 round rugs, MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy of new york. And of course. The MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO light sign to have against the wall. Be found in the category light walls.
A FASHION set for lovers of style and fashion.
Good game to all! and feel free to leave your messages I will respond anyway it!

Deco plants for walls Rimona click image to download

Here are 9 different plants for your sims walls 4. with this set you can created your plant walls.
You can also create your home country or even your spring garden.
I created 9 styles different that you may have enough flexible choice.
Good game to all and not hesitate not to leave your messages.
and why show me your creations with these plants sims 4.

New the Sims 4 Park funfair click image to download

Here's to your sims a new decorative Park. a Ferris wheel decoration. lights for the great wheel
2 deco carousel. balon deco. giant balloon. lights for the carousels. sign.
A family corner. For the days of rest. Come dive fuck in family or organize an event in your Park.
music in the Park. giant plants. giant balloon. children's corner. chess games. barbecues.
Health corner. In the zip folder you will find the Tray folder and the Packages folder with instructions. For the installation. Of course don't forget to check the contained personal in your game.
Thanks to Guardgian for his help concerning all the Park LA fun fair tests
Good game to all and do not hesitate to leave a little message.

New jomsims the shop click image to download

Here's to your sims 4 at work. The video store.
100 dvd for sale individually over the shelf and sign light shop. Find also 8 posters of films.
100 DVD are completely edit in the catalogue to find them easily.
Good sale at all! and tell me how much time do you have works for sale 100 DVDs.

False Jomsims crowd. Jomsims fake hearing

Just for fun and for those who desire creates movies with a wrong crowd.
4 square on the ground you can double triple and to infinity see your crowd.
Good game!

New wedding cakes click image to download

For fun. find a set of various wedding cakes.
to decorate your stores or the vendres, these Gadeaux are usable with the sims 4 at work.
So you can the vendres in the sims game 4 at work.
19 cakes different colours. 1 showcase for cakes. 1 sign decorative.
to create my images, I used in the game. The cake shop. By guardgian. Thank you for this magnificent creation.
Soon the link to the shop. In the meantime here set wedding cakes.
Good game to all!

Emilia deco beauty products click image to download
Here's an enssemble of cosmetic deco for your sims the ets also mirror a deco to lay on a table. Describes this enssemble 5 bottles various in 18 colors and some make-up decorative products. and this famous decorative mirror. to lay on a table to give a style romantic modern on your inside... Good game!