Evionski  Office click image to download

Evionski office.
Gentleness, in this space of work.
Office wall. Modern paintings. Stools, 2 styles. In 10 colors. Two deco furniture with deco top also.
A table deco; Which is in the category misc deco, like the two furniture. A Hifi chain in 2 colors.
I used elements from my other sets. The mirror wall on TSR. My carpets, and deco elements on my website.
Happy simming!
Office area.


New Conférence office click image to download

Here conference office.
One office, for meetings, sims 4.
2 table to assemble, without code, to be able to sit, to 10 sims.
Leather armchair, leather sofa, coffee machine, coffee maker, deco magazine, wall deco, deco files.
For simplistic mag: folder logo spm
                                  Wall logo smp
                                  Magazine deco smp
All the necessary, to have a very profetional atmosphere.
Happy simming .Zone Offices.


New skopia Office click image to download

New Skopia office sims 4.
4 shades of furniture with soft lines. Who will go practically with all interior styles.
Desk, desk chair, various painting for tables, various magazine table, deco diverse. various furniture.
Create your corner, personalized. While maintaining a softness in style.
Happy simming!


New Vanilla Study click image to download

For this weekend, how about a new Sims4 office. Here Vanilla!
This time, a soft office. With light colors and 18 new, objects.
Paintings. 2 sofas. 1 office. 1 furniture, misc deco. various cushion. various flowers. Office chair. décos boxes. 1 separator. various books. Curtains.
change colors, and create your corner office. With an atmosphere sweet.
Happy simming!


Paolo De Santis study clique image pour télécharger

This weekend. First, Office sims 4 on Jomsims Creations.
Still, modern and sleek lines. printer deco. puff's office. Deco folders. boxes.
lamps. Office. shelf, with deco. painting window, London, paris, milan and new york. Rug.
Yours sims, will have pleasure to work.
Happy simming!



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